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Q: If I am behind a firewall what IP or Domains will I need to whitelist?

A: The following domains should be whitelisted:

# docker images

# leip model zoo

# customer repository, if applicable
Q: Where do I get a license key to install or evaluate the SDK?

A: Please contact to obtain a license key.

Q: Do the LEIP Docker containers support a GPU?

A: Yes, we have GPU specialized containers and we have tested them using an NVIDIA GPU with the 10.1 and 11.0 drivers. If you are using a GPU please make sure to add the --gpus runtime directive to the docker run command.

Q: If I have an NVIDIA GPU does it matter what version of Docker I use?

A: Yes, please make sure you have version 19.03 or greater of Docker.

Q: If I’m using a GPU for an inference is there anything specific I need to do with the LEIP Docker container?

A: You will need to add the appropriate --gpus runtime option for your use case. Please see the  Docker documentation on runtime options.


If you need further assistance, please contact Latent AI Support.