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LEIP Package

The goal of LEIP packager is to enable deployment of executables provided by the LEIP compiler. Since the end user may have different targets and use cases in mind this tool provides multiple ways of deploying the compiled Neural Network (NN) model.


Once the model has been compiled you do not need the LEIP SDK container to run the model. Currently the LEIP framework supports the following ways to perform inference on a compiled model:

  • Through LEIP Evaluate or LEIP Run, which have limited support for detection based models.

  • Through a series of Python code examples provided in the examples directory of the docker image that hosts the LEIP framework.

  • Through a C++ Wrapper or C Wrapper, which are meant for embedded design and thus produce a set of artifacts along with a Makefile that requires user additions before generating an executable.

CLI Usage

leip package --input_path workspace/compile_output/
             --output_path workspace/package_output

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