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Installing the Runtime Environment on a RPi


  • Raspberry Pi 4B or Raspberry Pi 400

  • Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit)

If you have requirements for running on alternative hardware and/or OS, please contact us for assistance.


The following steps will allow you to install the necessary dependencies for running the inference examples on a Raspberry Pi:

# CMake and OpenCV are required
sudo apt install libopencv-dev cmake

# Build and install a compatible version of TVM runtime
mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
git clone tvm
cd tvm
git checkout 1970223
git submodule init
git submodule update
mkdir build
cp cmake/config.cmake build
cd build
cmake ..

# You will only need the runtime components
make runtime

# Set TVM_HOME to point to the tvm directory
# If you installed it in another location, update this
# command accordingly.

echo 'export TVM_HOME=~/src/tvm/' >> ~/.bashrc

# IMPORTANT: Now logout/login for changes to take effect.

Next Steps

You should now be able to run the C++ inference examples from Step Four on your Raspberry Pi.

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