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(v2.6.0) Evaluate and Deploy your BYOD model

Now that you have exported your BYOD model, you can find it at: /latentai/artifacts/

Compile and Optimize your BYOD Model

To compile and optimize the artifact, follow the steps in Recipe Step Two: Compile and Optimize.

As you follow the instructions for Compile and Optimize, please make sure to use the correct path for your BYOD model as the --input_path to the leip commands.

Evaluate your BYOD Model on the Target

To evaluate the model on the AGX, follow the steps in Recipe Step Three: Evaluate on the Target Device.

As you follow the instructions for Evaluate on Target, keep in mind that to use our evaluation script for the AGX the images and the annotations need to be in the same folder as shown below:

  |--- ...

Where *.json is the annotations for the validation set, and the images are the validation images.

When you use the you will need to replace the --dataset_path with the path to your validation data directory (myvalidationdata in the example above).

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